University of Bath

Anti-politics and anti-elitism

This seminar will discuss the contemporary rise of anti-politics in the context of Eliane Glaser's next book, which will explore anti-elitism.

13 Nov 20181.15pm
13 Nov 20182.05pm

Anti-politics has come to dominate both public discourse and, paradoxically, political culture. It has been accompanied by an equally vociferous strain of anti-elitism. But what is the relationship between the two phenomena?

This seminar explores how the current framing of ‘populists’ versus ‘liberal elite’ is in fact a populist conception, adopted by so-called liberal elites themselves. It argues that anti-elitism is anti-political in that it represents an attack on the political system per se and is post-political in its attempt to shift the arena of political confrontation away from an ideological agonism of opposed economic interests and towards an opposition based on identity, education and culture.