University of Bath

Bath Employment Spring School for Autism 2019

If you're a student or recent graduate diagnosed with autism, then this event provides support and guidance for the transition from university to work.

17 Apr 20199.00am
18 Apr 20195.30pm
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The Spring School will support students with the transition from university to work

The Bath Employment Spring School for Autism (BESSA) is a free two-day event for students and recent graduates on the autism spectrum. It aims to help with the transition from university to a range of opportunities like internships, placements and graduate employment.

The event is organised by the Centre for Applied Autism Research at the University of Bath, and JP Morgan (JPM).

If you're a student or recent graduate diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), you can attend this event where you'll get support and guidance for the transition from university to work.

For an in-depth look at the autism workshops and activities we run at Bath, read our case study.

2019 Spring School provisional schedule

17 April 2019 (Day 1)

BESSA Day 1 Schedule, University of Bath 10 West 2.47 University of Bath campus.

Time Event Description
8.30-9.00am Registration in 10 West outside 2.47 Refreshments will be provided while delegates register for the programme and receive their materials for the day.
9.00-9.10am Welcome and introduction to BESSA We will welcome delegates and outline the plans and objectives for Day 1.
9.10-9.25am Autism and Employment: Theory and Research This talk will highlight findings and data from research and theory related to autism and employment, including about some of the issues for those with autism may face when looking for work.
9.30-10.15am Employment skills session 1 Run by Bath Career Service, this session will address what students with autism can do to help prepare for employment and for their careers.
10.15-10.30am Tea and coffee break
10.30-11.15am Disclosure: Who, how, when This session by Bath Career Service will provide information and address issues about disclosing a diagnosis of ASD to your employer or potential employers.
11.20am-12.20pm Personal experiences of those with autism within employment This session will involve people with autism working in different jobs talking about their own personal experiences of employment, highlighting both the strengths and difficulties they have found in their work situations about how they have dealt with them.
12.20-1.00pm Lunchtime A catered lunch will be provided.
1.00-1.20pm Application and interview talk This session will include a talk by an employer about their application and interview procedures.
1.25-2.25pm Organisations and their environments for people with autism This session will include talks by companies about their policies and work environments for people with autism.
2.25-2.45pm Tea and coffee break
2.45-3.35pm Employment skills session 2 A session by Bath Career Service about how to prepare applications, CVs, and what to expect at interviews.
3.40-4.40pm Employer perspectives about autism by JP Morgan This session will highlight the views of JP Morgan towards employees with autism, highlighting current initiatives and policies to facilitate the hiring, transition and success of employees with autism at this organisation.
4.45-5.00pm Summary of BESSA Day 1 and outline of BESSA Day 2 at JPM This session will highlight key messages from Day 1 of BESSA, and will provide an overview about Day 2 of BESSA at JPM Bournemouth.

18 April 2019 (Day 2)

Day 2 will take place at the JP Morgan Bournemouth Corporate Centre. Return travel from Bath to Bournemouth is provided.

Time Event Description
7.30-10.00am Travel together from Bath to Bournemouth Specific details will be provided nearer the time.
10.30-10.45am Welcome and Introduction to BESSA Day 2 We will welcome all the participants and delegates to BESSA Day 2, outline the plans and objectives for the day. Refreshments will be provided.
10.50-11.40am Site tour Participants will split into smaller groups and have a tour of the campus including high performance workspace, dining facilities, social areas, atrium and surrounding green environment. The tours will be run by employees of JPM, some of who have autism, and they will share their experiences of working in the campus environment as part of the tour.
11.50am-12.30pm JPM programmes, roles and job families Participants will split into smaller applicable groups (to their year of study and discipline) and cover information about the different roles, job families, programmes (graduate, internships and placements) available at JPM and aspects of the interview process for each applicable programme.
12.30-1.15pm Lunchtime A catered lunch will be provided.
1.15-2.15pm Interview techniques Participants will split into their smaller groups, observe example mock interviews taking place and have the opportunity to discuss the interview process and feedback as well as discuss example answers and interview techniques.
2.25-3.10pm A day in the life of a JPM employee Run by JPM employees with autism and a manager of an employee with autism, this session will provide an insight what it is like to work at JPM when you have autism. The employees will be from different lines of business, performing different roles and at different stages of their career. They will share their experiences on social aspects and team interactions, followed by an interactive question and answer opportunity.
3.15-3.45pm Summary of BESSA Day 2 Key messages from the various sessions during the day will be highlighted.
4.00-6.00pm (rough estimate) Travel back to Bath