University of Bath

Bath Employment Spring School for Autism

If you're a student diagnosed with autism, then this event provides some support and guidance for the transition from university to work.

31 Jan 20189.00am
1 Feb 20183.00pm

The Bath Employment Spring School for Autism (BESSA) was a free two day event for students on the autism spectrum. It aimed to help with the transition from university to employment.

The 2018 event was organised by the University of Bath and JP Morgan.

We hope to run the event again in 2019 and will advertise this on the University of Bath website. If you're a student diagnosed with autism, you can attend this event where you'll get some support and guidance for the transition from university to work.

2018 Spring School schedule

31 January 2018 (day one)

BESSA Day One Schedule, University of Bath 10 West 2.47 University of Bath campus.

Time Event Description
8:30-9:00am Registration in 10West outside 2.47 Refreshments will be provided while delegates register for the programme and receive their materials for the day.
9:00-9:10am Welcome and introduction to BESSA We will welcome all the delegates and outline the plans and objectives for Day 1.
9:15-9:35am Autism and Employment: Theory and Research This talk will highlight findings and data from research and theory related to autism and employment, including about some of the issues for those with autism may face when looking for work.
9:40-10:35am Personal experiences of those with autism within employment This session will involve talks by people with autism who are working in different jobs about their own personal experiences of employment, highlighting both the strengths and difficulties they have found in their work situations about how they have dealt with them.
10:35-10:50am Tea and coffee break
10:50-11:25am Disclosure This session by Bath Careers Service will discuss information and issues about disclosing a diagnosis of ASD to your employer or potential employers
11:30am-12:30pm Organisations and their environments for people with autism This session will include talks by companies about their policies and work environments for people with autism.
12:30-1:00pm Lunchtime A catered lunch will be provided to participants in 10W 2.47 area.
1:00-1.50pm Focus groups on worries and concerns about the transition towards employment The students will split into smaller groups in breakout rooms and discussions will be led on topics about gaining employment in the first place, and being employed as part of a company.
2:00-3:15pm Employment skills talk Session by Bath Careers Service about what students with autism can do to help prepare for employment and careers, how to prepare applications, CV’s, and what to expect at interviews.
3:15-3:45pm Tea and coffee break
3:45-4:40pm Employer perspectives about autism by JP Morgan This session will highlight the views of JP Morgan towards employees with autism, highlighting current initiatives and policies to facilitate the hiring, transition and success of employees with autism at this organisation.
4:45-5:00pm Summary of BESSA Day One Key messages from the various sessions during Day 1 will be highlighted. Important issues that still need to be addressed or improved.

1 February 2018 (day two)

Day two will take place at the JP Morgan Bournemouth campus. Coach travel from the University of Bath campus to Bournemouth University (and return) is provided.

Time Event Description
7:30-10:30am Coach Trip Bath to Bournemouth Everyone will meet at University of Bath and travel for Day 2 programme
10:30-10:45am Welcome and introduction to day two We will outline the plans and objectives for the day. Refreshments will be provided.
10:50-11:35am Site tour You will split into smaller groups and have a tour of the campus including high performance workspace, dining facilities, social areas, innovation space and surrounding green environment. The tours will be run by employees of JPM, some of who have ASD, and the employees will share their experiences of working in the campus environment as part of the tour.
11:45am-12:30pm Overview of JP Morgan Autism at Work programme This session will include a talk by JPM’s Global Lead of Autism at Work programme. In this role, he oversees the programme to identify roles for which people on the autism spectrum would add high value, as well as develop candidate pipelines and ensure best practices for ongoing support. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the importance of having people on the autism spectrum work at JPM.
12:30-1:30pm Lunchtime A catered lunch will be provided
1:30-2.15pm Practical problem solving challenges You will split into smaller groups and will work together to solve a predefined practical problem.
2:25-3:10pm A day in the life of JP Morgan employee This session will be given by JP Morgan employees with ASD on what it is like for them working at JPM. The employees will be from different lines of business, performing different roles and at different stages of their career. You will get an insight into what it is like to work at JP Morgan with ASD. The session will include a talk from up to three employees, including sharing their experiences on social aspects and team interactions, followed by an interactive question and answer opportunity.
3:15-3:30pm Summary of day two Key messages and issues that emerged during talks and discussion will be discussed. Refreshments will be provided.
3:30-5:30pm Coach trip from Bournemouth to Bath