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Cortical speech activity dynamics and decoding for rehabilitation

Professor Blaise Yvert will begin the discussion with the topic 'cortical speech activity dynamics and decoding for rehabilitation'

  • 28 Jun 2021, 11.00am to 28 Jun 2021, 12.00pm BST (GMT +01:00)
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free

This event will be hosted on Zoom. You can access the webinar on the day by visiting and using the following details:

  • Zoom ID: 995 1857 0469
  • Zoom passcode: 285831

Event summary

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) offer promising perspectives to restore communication in severely paralyzed people unable to speak. Among them, speech BCIs aim at reconstructing continuous speech from ongoing brain activity. This requires advancing our knowledge of the dynamics of cortical speech areas involved in speech production and the development of methods and algorithms to decode brain activity. I will present some recent results we obtained on these two aspects in two patients producing overt and covert speech: first in a patient transiently implanted with an intracortical Utah array in Broca's area, a key region for speech production for which very little knowledge of single unit activity is available, and second, in a patient implanted with an ECoG grid over the left hemisphere.

Speaker biography

Blaise Yvert is a senior researcher leading the team Neurotechnology and Network Dynamics at BrainTech Laboratory Inserm/Univ Grenoble Alpes U1205. He received his engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Cornell University in 1993, his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Insa Lyon in 1996, and his habilitation (HDR) in 2008.

In his early career, Blaise worked on human brain imaging of auditory areas using EEG, MEG and intracranial EEG (SEEG). From 2003, he then coordinated and participated in several collaborative projects to develop novel high-density multielectrode array systems to study the dynamics of neural networks at a multicellular level.

In 2012- 2013 he was appointed Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Brown Institute for Brain Sciences (directed by John P Donoghue) in the field of human brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). Since 2013, his research interests focus on the development of new cortical interfaces and BCIs systems to restore speech from the decoding of brain signals.

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