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Critical Theory in a closing and violent world

Join us for the first Standing Seminar in Critical Theory with talks by John Holloway, Werner Bonefeld, Ana Dinerstein and Theo Papadopoulos.

  • 15 May 2019, 5.00pm to 15 May 2019, 7.00pm BST (GMT +01:00)
  • 5 West, 2.4, University of Bath
  • This event is free
A hand in chains searches for freedom
What hope can we find in a closing and violent world?

The newly-funded ESRC South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) Standing Seminar in Critical Theory at the University of Bath, with the University of Bristol and the University of Exeter, is thrilled to announce this event.

For this event, we are delighted to once again welcome John Holloway (Puebla), who will be joined by Werner Bonefeld (York), Ana Dinerstein and Theo Papadopoulos (Bath).

The panellists will bring critical theory to bear on a contemporary global panorama in which the legitimisation of violence, xenophobia, misogyny and racism takes on new and alarming power. What does it mean to speak of a closing world? What are its political implications and those, in turn, of open critique? What openings can critical theory forge in support of emancipatory politics and their horizons?

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Speaker profiles

Professor John Holloway

Professor Holloway is a Professor of Sociology at the Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico. He is one of the founders of Capital & Class and a main contributor to Open Marxism. He is the author of many books, including Change the world without taking power (2002) and Crack Capitalism (2010). He is one of the editors and author of the forthcoming Open Marxism volume 4: Against a closing world, (2019).

Dr Theo Papadopoulos

Dr Papadopoulos is a comparative political sociologist based at the University of Bath’s Department of Social & Policy Sciences. His recent research includes publications on the neoliberal character of EU’s economic governance as well as the politics and socio-economic impact of austerity in Greece and other southern EU countries.

Professor Werner Bonefeld

Professor Bonefeld is a Professor of politics at the University of York. He is founder and co-editor of Open Marxism (3 Volumes) (Pluto Press published in the 1990s). Recent publications include Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy and The Strong State and the Free Economy. With Beverly Best and Chris O’Kane, he is co-editor of the SAGE Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory.

Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein

Dr Dinerstein is a critical theorist. She teaches and does research on the global politics of hope at the University of Bath. She is the author of The Politics of Autonomy in Latin America: The Art of Organising Hope (2015) and editor of Social Sciences for An Other Politics: Women Theorising without Parachutes (2017). She is one of the editors and author of the forthcoming Open Marxism volume 4: Against a closing world, (2019).


Diana Teggi is an ESRC PhD Candidate in Social Policy at the University of Bath. Her doctorate investigates issues of marginalisation, institutionalisation and dignity in old age and the care of the dying. Diana’s research features in Social Science & Medicine.

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5 West, 2.4 University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY United Kingdom


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