University of Bath

CRUK visit: early detection funding opportunities

Find out about CRUK’s early detection strategy, which funding schemes are available, and how to apply.

8 Mar 20191.15pm
8 Mar 20194.00pm

CRUK has recently highlighted early detection as a strategic priority. In connection with this CRUK has launched several funding streams for proposals in this area, as well as a number of other initiatives.

In order to raise awareness of funding and other opportunities they are reaching out to key UK institutes, with the aim to increase engagement with the early detection research area and CRUK.

Dr Alexis Webb, Senior Research Funding Manager in Early Detection will deliver a short talk on CRUK’s early detection strategy, which funding schemes are available and how to apply.

She will also be available to provide 1-to-1 sessions with researchers. This is an opportunity to discuss a potential project idea and give feedback or advice on the Committee remit and what should be emphasised in the application.