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Cultivating women’s resources in the UK Body Confidence Campaign

In this seminar, Dr Fran Amery addresses the ways in which this campaign interprets women's poor body image.

2 Oct 20181.15pm
2 Oct 20182.05pm
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The Body Confidence Campaign was a national initiative established by the UK Government Equalities Office in November 2010

Dr Fran Amery from the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies, will be discussing her latest research paper Gender equality as psychological capital: Cultivating women’s resources in the UK Body Confidence campaign

Dr Amery's paper assesses the UK Government Equalities Office’s Body Confidence Campaign in the light of recent research on gender equality policy and human capital.

This research reports the findings of analysis of documents associated with this campaign, and finds that as well as promoting gender equality, these documents also consistently interpreted women and girls’ poor body image in terms of ‘opportunity costs to the economy’.

The paper argues that gender equality policy may function as a technology of government in order to cultivate women’s ‘psychological capital’, that is, psychological traits that assist women in becoming better workers.

Dr Amery will be discussing this research with Dr Jennifer Thomson.