University of Bath

Data-Driven Policing and Public Value

Listen to IPR Visiting Fellow, Dr Ian Kearns, and Sir Thomas Winsor discuss forthcoming report on data-driven policing at The Police Foundation launch event.

20 Mar 201910.00am
20 Mar 201912.00pm
How can the police meet today's challenges through the use of data-driven technologies?

The Police Foundation is launching a new report 'Data-driven policing and public value' which was generously supported by Accenture, BT and the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at the University of Bath.

Policing is operating in a context of particularly rapid change, with police forces operating under considerable stress and faced with reduced budgets. Crime is changing rapidly, in part driven by the technological revolution. New skills are being demanded of police officers. The public is increasingly tech-savvy and expects the police to be so too. This changing context inevitably requires far reaching change in the nature of policing.

This new report looks at how the police can meet this challenge through the imaginative use of data-driven technologies. The report includes over 20 innovation case studies from around the UK and overseas and assesses how these contribute to public value (including crime reduction, civility in public spaces and public confidence). The report discusses the challenges that must be addressed if the police are to use these technologies while continuing to command public confidence and sets out a number of recommendations to achieve this.

The event will include a presentation of findings of the report and in addition to the speakers below, there will also be an opportunity to hear from some of the policing practitioners highlighted in the report.