University of Bath

Disciplining the political: the Westminster Model and the crisis of British political science

In this guest seminar, Professor Jonathan Dean will argue for greater conceptual and analytical attention to the disciplining of political science.

16 Oct 20181.15pm
16 Oct 20182.05pm
London bus in front of Big Ben at night
The Westminster Model is the parliamentary system within the UK

During this lecture, Professor Jonathan Dean will present his paper arguing that the Westminster Model, the parliamentary system of government within the United Kingdom, should be understood as a hegemonic sensibility that shapes not just the scope of political scientists' object of study, but also the normative and affective relations that shape political scientists' scholarly practices.

The first half of this paper offers a mapping of the contours of the Westminster Model’s hegemony, highlighting its affective and normative (as well as analytic) dimensions.

The second part of the paper offers an analysis of the performative and disciplining effects of the Westminster Model by tracing the discipline’s varying responses to forms of politics that fall outside the contours of the Westminster Model.