University of Bath

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology research conference 2018

This annual conference will focus on how much work shapes our mental health.

6 Sep 20189.00am
7 Sep 20184.30pm

This year’s Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Research Conference invites us to put ourselves in the frame. Psychologists and other healthcare professionals have a tendency to believe that they should be immune from mental health difficulties. Yet both research and individual accounts tell a different story.

Are we ready to acknowledge the extent to which our own mental health shapes, and is shaped by, our work?

Conference schedule

Day one

Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland will talk about his research in compassion focused therapy, and how these approaches can be applied in roles such as NHS Psychologists.

Our panel discussion will ask what we, as individual practitioners, can do to make positive changes in our own workplaces. Can we create a grassroots-led cultural shift towards wellbeing in the workplace, even in challenging times?

Symposia presentations will include paediatric, women's and adult health. The Psychologists in Health group will meet in the lunch break on this day.

Day two

We will place the spotlight on our growing role in promoting positive mental health among our NHS colleagues.

Dr Natalie Kemp will explore the unique experience of being a clinical psychologist in recovery, and what this means for our work.

Our panel discussion will ask about why as mental health professionals we are not talking about self-disclosure. Should we be using personal reflection, and even disclosure, to help us to better to meet the needs of the people that we work with?

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