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Fairtrade Fortnight talk

A talk from Nicky Hoskyns, CEO of Etico The Ethical Trading Company, based in Nicaragua.

  • 24 Feb 2021, 1.00pm to 24 Feb 2021, 2.00pm GMT
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free

An event organised by the University in partnership with Etico, BLINC, Bristol and S.Glos Fairtrade Networks, part of this year's Fairtrade Fortnight.

Nicky Hoskyns is the CEO of Etico The Ethical Trading Company and is based in Nicaragua.

Nicky has helped found three cooperatives, integrating these bodies at local, regional and national levels and supporting their entry into markets in Europe the United States and Japan. His work has been primarily in the coffee and sesame supply chains and primarily but not exclusively in Nicaragua where he lives in Leon with his family on a small organic, permaculture farm.

He works with a range of Fairtrade (FT) co-ops and has over two decades experience operating in FT and social business networks.

Ético is a trading initiative that employs a unique business model to create a more sustainable world. Ético offers a variety of quality products produced by small farmers around the world. We emphasize partnership, shared ownership, quality assurance, traceability and collaboration among stakeholders.

Our values are embedded in our business model – Ético is 100% owned by cooperatives and charities, and dedicated to bringing justice, empowerment, and equality through quality trading relationships.

With over 20 years of experience in cooperative business and economic development in Latin America, Ético offers the expertise necessary to provide logistical, financial and development support tailored to meet the needs of small farmer producers and consumer companies with a social and environmental vision.

Our diverse range of partners, including the most successful small farmer cooperatives in Latin America, reputable NGOs such as the Social Business Network, and Universities in the US and Europe, allow us to provide additional support that ensures success in both product and development quality.

The impact of our work can be felt across the entire supply chain – from well-supported small-farmer cooperatives that produce quality products and invest in their local communities directly to dedicated companies and consumers who put their values to work toward a better world.

More information on how to sign up will be available soon.

Nicky Hoskyns

Presenter: Nicholas Hoskyns, Managing Director, ETICO – The Ethical Trading Company Ltd.

Nicky Hoskyns

Nicky Hoskyns

This talk is with:

Ético, a sustainable trading initiative and BLINC, the local link with Nicaragua.

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