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Flooding Through The Ages: The City of Bath

Part of the 2020 - 2021 Minerva Series.

  • 2 Dec 2020, 6.00pm to 2 Dec 2020, 7.00pm GMT
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free
Greyscale photograph of flooding in the City of Bath.
Communities in Bath have experienced the effects of flooding since the Roman times.

The City of Bath is a historical UNESCO world-heritage site and is an instructive case study in how the history, architecture and development of a city can be closely connected to the city’s relationship to its river, the River Avon. As the City has always been located close to the river, communities in Bath have experienced the effects of flooding since the Roman times. Bath has a particularly rich record of historical evidence left on buildings in the City (the earliest flood mark dates back to 1823) as well as documentary evidence in contemporary newspapers and technical reports.

This lecture hopes to take you on a journey of flooding through the ages. Starting from some important historical flood events and the multiple efforts of the City to combat the scourge of flooding, Dr Thomas Kjeldsen and Dr Ioanna Stamataki will describe the different phases of the current Bath Flood Defence Scheme and discuss how historical flood events in the City of Bath were reconstructed using a 1D hydraulic model. This research area, drawing from the combination of the use of historical documentary evidence and modern technological modelling techniques, allows an assessment of long-term flood risk of the City and paves new avenues towards future research.

You can join the live online lecture from 18:00 – 19:00 on Wednesday 2 December 2020 by registering through Eventbrite. A link will be emailed to you before the event allowing you to view the lecture via Microsoft Teams - no account is required.

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