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Governance of Institutions and Systems workshop

Join us for a two-day economics workshop. We'll discuss funding of public goods, resolution of externality problems and different forms of social organisation.

  • 31 Jan 2019, 9.45am to 1 Feb 2019, 5.30pm GMT
  • The Chancellors' Building, 5.5, University of Bath
  • This event is free

This workshop is no longer running on campus today (1 February 2019) as the University campus is closed due to adverse weather.

In this workshop, we will focus on issues related to funding and provision of public goods, resolution of externality problems, and, more generally, to the debate on centralised verses decentralised forms of social organisation.

There will be six presentations each day, covering both academic perspectives and policy implications.

Governance of Institutions and Systems

This workshop is hosted by the Department of Economics and serves as an inaugural event for the new research theme: Governance of Institutions and Systems. The aim of this theme is to channel the research interests and expertise of colleagues in the Department (in mechanism design, public economics, contract theory, experimental economics and political economy) into shared research initiatives and policy perspectives.

We are keen to foster and enhance our links with academics worldwide as well as with research and policy institutes at the University of Bath and beyond.

Workshop schedule

31 January

Time Session Speaker
9.45am - 10am Welcome Remarks
10am - 1pm Morning Session
Donation-Based Crowdfunding with Refund Bonuses Robertas Zubrickas
Raising Capital from Heterogeneous Investors Eyal Winter
Impulse balance theory and cooperation in binary threshold public good games Edward Cartwright
1pm - 2.30pm Lunch break
2.30pm - 5.30pm Afternoon session
Equilibrium selection in interdependent value auctions Elnaz Bajoori
Tax Evasion, Embezzlement and Public Good Provision Alexander Matros
Coalition-proof social choice in large populations with single-peaked preferences, with an application to public-good provision Martin Hellwig

1 February

Time Session Speaker
10am - 1pm Morning Session
Optimal Allotment Design Laurent Lamy
Self-Allocation in Contests Karl Wärneryd
'Born this Way'?: Prenatal Exposure to Testosterone May Determine Behaviour in Competition and Conflict Subhasish Chowdhury
1pm - 2.30pm Lunch break
2.30pm - 5.30pm Afternoon session
Cheap Talk with Costly State Verification Javier Rivas
Game Theoretic Decidability and Undecidability Tai-Wei Hu
Strategically Simple Mechanisms Tilman Börgers

Download the schedule and paper abstracts

Speaker profiles

  • Elnaz Bajoori, Lecturer, University of Bath
  • Tilman Börgers, Professor, University of Michigan
  • Edward Cartwright, Professor, Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University
  • Subhasish Chowdhury, Reader, University of Bath
  • Martin Hellwig, Professor; Director, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods
  • Tai-Wei Hu, Professor, University of Bristol
  • Laurent Lamy, Research Fellow, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC)
  • Alexander Matros, Professor, University of South Carolina and Lancaster University
  • Javier Rivas, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath
  • Karl Wärneryd, Associate Professor, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Eyal Winter, Professor, Lancaster University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Robertas Zubrickas, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath


The Chancellors' Building, 5.5 University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY United Kingdom


If you have any questions, please contact us.