University of Bath

Green and Blue Cities

Mark Fletcher, Global Water Leader at Arup will give a talk as part of the Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC) @ Bath colloquium series.

17 May 20181.15pm
17 May 20182.05pm

This presentation will introduce Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) in terms of being in-tune with natural processes across the water cycle. In simple terms WSUD is differentiated from traditional grey infrastructure by embracing solutions that take a greater account of water and vegetation, thus blue and green infrastructure. It will showcase innovative blue and green infrastructure interventions from around the world to illustrate the way in which they are used to create more liveable cities, providing a wide range of benefits through the retrofit of existing urban communities and the master-planning of new cities. Given the impacts of a changing climate in terms of shocks and stresses, the concept of water resilience for urban communities will also be introduced and the role of Water Sensitive Urban Design in this will be shared.