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GWPore: Porous materials for energy, healthcare and the environment conference - 2 February

GWPore is a network of GW4 researchers interested in all aspects of porous materials. Join us to discuss future research ideas and build new collaborations.

  • 2 Feb 2021, 2.00pm to 2 Feb 2021, 5.00pm GMT
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free

GWPore is a newly established regional network of researchers interested in all aspects of porous materials, across all four GW4 universities (University of Bath, University of Bristol, Cardiff University & University of Exeter).

Our aim is to achieve globally significant outcomes with academic, commercial, and societal benefits. We produce high quality grant proposals, facilitate collaborations, offer mentoring for ECRs, and share equipment as well as access to specialist facilities between groups.

Porous materials form an extremely broad field of research that encompasses everything from inorganic crystalline materials, through organic polymers to biological tissues.

Our interests include materials with nano-, meso- and macro-porosity. Applications are therefore extremely diverse (renewable energy; production of clean water; sensors for diagnostics; waste management and recycling; energy production and storage; carbon capture; agricultural food production; antimicrobial surfaces) and require expertise in a wide range of research areas.

We have already held two successful virtual workshops ("GWPore Network: Porous materials for Energy/Materials Applications" and "GWPore Network: porous materials for healthcare and the environment”) as well as a writing retreat for grant proposals addressing the global challenge research areas.

The aim of this upcoming conference is to conclude the first phase of this new network, facilitate ECR engagement, and focus on maintaining and growing the network in the future.

We are therefore kindly inviting all interested researchers from various areas (i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Biology and Biochemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Architecture and Engineering) to join this exciting network, to discuss future research ideas and build new collaborations!

More information on the GWPore project.

Asel Sartbaeva (University of Bath), Timothy Easun (Cardiff University), Sebastien Rochat (University of Bristol) and Yonge Xia (University of Exeter) For GWPore

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