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Higher Education: Decline and Fall?

An event in associate with the Bristol Festival of Ideas

  • 7 Nov 2018, 8.00pm to 7 Nov 2018, 9.30pm GMT
  • We The Curious (At-Bristol), Bristol,
  • Price: £9.00 (GBP)

Universities boost economic growth and graduates can earn a high salary premium – but higher education policy is in a mess, Brexit is a threat to many institutions and universities are under political attack. What needs to be done? The panel, chaired by Andy Westwood (University of Manchester), includes Simon Burgess (University of Bristol), Sandra McNally (University of Surrey), David Willetts (Resolution Foundation) and Gill Wyness (University College London/ London School of Economics).

Speaker profiles

Simon Burgess, Sandra McNally, David Willetts, Gill Wyness and Andy Westwood (chair)

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We The Curious (At-Bristol) Bristol BS1 5DB


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