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@Home with Research Professional

This Research Professional training session for academics will provide an introduction to the platform and demonstrate how to search for funding opportunities.

  • 28 Sep 2021, 10.00am to 28 Sep 2021, 11.00am BST (GMT +01:00)
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free

This Research Professional training session for academics is being delivered by Research Professional to provide an introduction to the platform, demonstrate how to search for funding opportunities in the Funding database, and show how to set up email alerts and interact with the content. In addition to the Funding database, the session will also cover the News and Funding Insight services as well as the Awards and Conferences databases.

The training will be taking place via Teams and a link will be sent to you in advance of the session.



  • Who are we? What is *RP?
  • Overview of session structure

How do we access *RP?

  • Guest access and self-registration
  • Account access and single sign-on

Funding opportunities database

  • Navigating simple search – free text, discipline, funder etc.
  • Overview of funding opportunity profile
  • Navigating advanced search options
  • Interacting with searches – Save or Save & Alert
  • Advanced configurations for email alerts – Email Alerts
  • Interacting with content – Bookmark, Email, Download, Deadline Calendar and Expressions of Interest

Miscellaneous functionalities – News, Funding Insight, Awards and Conferences

  • Browse news content along geographical and topical lines
  • Browse funding insight content along disciplinary hubs
  • Navigating awards database
  • Find conferences and similar events organised by topic

Our Institution

  • Start page – key info and contacts
  • Our Hierarchy – joining workgroups
  • Viewing shared funding or news content

Help Section/CKC and Q&A

Contact us

Contact us with your enquiries