University of Bath

@Home with the ISCF

Find out about what the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) is, where it has come from, and how it is being structured.

16 Apr 20192.15pm
16 Apr 20193.05pm

Dr Matt Butchers from the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) will tell us about the Innovate UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF). This is a joint event with the Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI).

The ISCF is a core pillar in government’s commitment to increase funding in research and development by £4.7 billion over 4 years, strengthening UK science and business.

The talk will also detail efforts by the mathematical science community to engage with the ISCF. This is to identify overlapping interests with other sectors and disciplines to work together for mutual benefit.

Matt is available for 1:1 meetings lasting 15 minutes following his talk. You can select a time slot on the online registration form. These appointments are first come first served.