University of Bath

Introduction to machine learning for social science research

In this workshop, Dr Iulia Cioroianu will provide a brief overview of the most common machine learning algorithms used in social science research.

22 May 20193.00pm
22 May 20194.00pm
Two graphs side by side
K-means clustering is one of the simplest and most popular unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Pictured here is a comparison of K-Means clustering results with 3 and 4 clusters.

This workshop will introduce a range of machine learning techniques and provide an overview of the learning resources available to social science researchers who are interested in developing the skills needed to apply these methods to a range of substantive research questions.

The topics that Dr Iulia Cioroianu will cover in the session are:

  1. Introduction: What is machine learning?

  2. Supervised learning

    • Classification
    • Evaluating and selecting models
  3. Unsupervised learning

    • Clustering
    • Topic Models
    • Scaling
  4. Overview of available learning resources and tools