University of Bath

Political exclusion, lost autonomy and escalating conflict over self-determination

This seminar presents collaborative research on the role of ethnic grievances in the escalation of self-determination conflicts from nonviolence to violence.

5 Feb 20191.15pm
5 Feb 20192.05pm
Armed street protest
In his presentation, Dr Micha Germann will examine the role of political exclusion and lost autonomy associated with ethnic grievance models.

Are existing models of civil war onset specific enough to explain why some conflicts turn into wars while others stay nonviolent? While it is often assumed that violent and nonviolent conflicts are qualitatively different and have different causes, that assumption is rarely tested empirically.

In this presentation, Dr Micha Germann explores this question with reference to conflicts over self-determination, focusing on the role of two factors commonly associated with ethnic grievance models: political exclusion and lost autonomy.