University of Bath

Quantitative statistics 2: hypothesis testing and probability distributions

This workshop further explores hypothesis testing, how to test for differences between groups, how to identify an appropriate test and how to interpret results

18 Jan 20191.30pm
18 Jan 20194.30pm

About the workshop

This workshop, following on from Quantitative Statistics 1, further explores hypothesis testing. Specifically, we will look at how to test for differences between groups, learning how to identify an appropriate statistical test and how to interpret results. Additionally, several probability distributions and their applicability will be explored. You should be familiar with using a Windows PC and will need your BUCS login details. Computer-based exercises will use SPSS, a widely used statistical package.

If you require specific advice on statistical analysis of your own research data, please contact the University's Statistics Advisory Service to arrange one-to-one guidance.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will understand:

  • why and how hypothesis is used in quantitative analysis
  • how to appropriately test for differences between groups and how to interpret the results
  • how to perform appropriate post-hoc analyses
  • a range of probability distributions and why they are useful in data analysis