University of Bath

Race and the Referendum: Ethnic minority attitudes to EU membership

In this event, Neema Begum will discuss white and ethnic minority voting behaviour in the EU Referendum.

6 Nov 20181.15pm
6 Nov 20182.05pm
2016 EU referendum polling station
The EU referendum vote was held in 2016

In this seminar, we'll discuss ethnic minority and white voting behaviour in the 2016 EU Referendum. Relatively less attention has been paid to the role of race and ethnicity in influencing attitudes toward EU membership, despite a significant gap between white and ethnic minority voters in the Referendum, minority voters overwhelmingly supporting Remain.

This research draws on interviews and focus groups with white and ethnic minority Remain and Leave voters as well as quantitative analysis of the Understanding Society longitudinal study.

In the seminar, we'll present how the referendum was fought and won among Black and Asian voters as well as key issues of race, immigration and identity and how they influenced voting in the Referendum.