University of Bath

Refugees' experiences of grieving the dead

This seminar explores the range of refugees' experience of bereavement and begins to address the issues of grief facing this community.

7 Feb 20191.00pm
7 Feb 20195.00pm
Anonymous graves in the desert.
The Cemetery of Strangers, Tunisia. Copyright: with permission from Alarm Phone Tunis

Bereavement research has been conducted largely on peaceful western populations, but has barely addressed grieving the death of significant others that is often part of refugees' experience. Meanwhile, research and action with refugees have focused more on trauma and on loss of home, community, status, job, etc than on grief for deceased friends and family.

This seminar seeks to begin to address this gap. Refugees' experience of bereavement is immensely varied - from witnessing family members being killed before leaving one's home country or dying en route, to the many Jews who got out of Vienna in 1938 but didn't know for up to a decade which other family members had survived.

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The event is being held at University of Bath on Pall Mall, London and you must register to attend.


This event is organised jointly between the Centre for Death & Society at the University of Bath and the Death, Dying and Bereavement Research Group at the Open University.