University of Bath

Role of nanomaterials in waste water purification

Professor Vinod Kumar Gupta from the University of Johannesburg will discuss the use of nanomaterials in waste water treatment.

8 May 20191.15pm
8 May 20192.05pm

Various technologies including reverse osmosis, ion exchange, precipitation, electrodialysis, adsorption, have been used for the removal of water pollutants. Among these, adsorption is supposed to be the best one due to its wide range of applications, ease of operation and inexpensive nature. Activated carbon has been used very frequently for the removal of various metal ions and other toxic pollutants from wastewater but it is very costly and in the recent years the search for the generation of alternate adsorbents has grown. Many of the starting materials for these replacement adsorbents are agricultural or industrial by-products, hence their use as secondary adsorbents contributes to the waste minimization, recovery and reuse.

Use of nanomaterials for waste water treatment is a new area and in the present lecture state of the art on the subject will be discussed along with examples of the work carried out by us in the area.