University of Bath

Safeguarding adults at risk of harm

This event will showcase new research and current practice models and identify potential future research for those with an interest in adult safeguarding.

29 Jan 20199.15am
29 Jan 20193.30pm
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Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on research on safeguarding vulnerable adults

Safeguarding adults and children forms a core part of social work practice. Whilst there is an abundance of research focussing on child safeguarding practice, much less attention has been given to adult safeguarding.

This event brings together researchers, practitioners, managers and policy-makers with an interest in adult safeguarding practice. It will showcase new research and current practice models. Participants will be given the opportunity to reflect on challenges and opportunities in adult safeguarding and to consider how future research might inform practice.


Time Activity
9.15am Delegates gather
9.30am Conference opens
9.40am Dr Adi Cooper OBE, Visiting Professor of University of Befordshire: Making Safeguarding Personal and Social Work Practice with Older Adults: Findings from Local-Authority Survey Data in England
10.20am Dr Jeremy Dixon, University of Bath: Screening adult safeguarding risks: A qualitative study into how adult safeguarding teams assess and prioritise safeguarding referrals
11.00am Coffee
11.20am Ethera Morgan, Bristol City Council; Caroline Goodwin, South Gloucestershire Council, and Laura Roberts, Wiltshire Council: Designing adult safeguarding services: Challenges and opportunities
12.00pm Professor Jill Manthorpe, King’s College, London: Safeguarding rights and powers
12.45pm Lunch
1.30pm Discussion groups: Current practice dilemmas and future research priorities
2.00pm Rachel Clawson, University of Nottingham: Forced Marriage of People with Learning Disabilities: Reasons, risks and responses
2.40pm Dr James Gregory, University of Bath: Older adult hoarders' experiences of being helped by volunteers and volunteers' experiences of helping
3.20pm Closing remarks
3.30pm Conference closes

The conference will be chaired by Professor Nick Gould.