University of Bath

Science meets Practice: Academic Research for Water Utilities

Jan Peter van der Hoek from Delft University of Technology and Waternet, the Amsterdam water company, discusses cooperation between utilities and universities.

13 Dec 20181.15pm
13 Dec 20182.05pm

Water utilities have huge ambitions to make their operations more sustainable and to contribute to the circular economy. Operation in the water cycle offers many possibilities, but also requires applied technological research to make full benefit of these opportunities. Bridging science and practice can be achieved by close cooperation between utilities and universities and has benefits. In the Netherlands, Waternet, the water utility of Amsterdam and surroundings, has shown that such a close cooperation really has benefits, accelerates innovation and has impact.

In the presentation, several projects will be discussed in which cooperation between the utility, university and technology supplier pays off. Projects cover the whole water cycle and are closely related to resource recovery and energy recovery from the water cycle, e.g thermal energy recovery from drinking water, calcite production from drinking water and even single cell protein production using components from wastewater.