University of Bath

Sexual orientation and gender identity politics in Latin America: Lessons from the global south

This one-day conference brings together academics and activists to discuss this emerging area of Latin American studies' scholarship.

14 Sep 20189.00am
14 Sep 20185.00pm
People sitting at a conference table talking in microphones
The conference has opened abstract submission on five themes related to the study of sexual orientation and gender identity

The Society for Latin American Studies and the University of Bath Gender & Sexuality Network are holding a one-day conference to discuss aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity politics in Latin America.

The event aims to bring together academics and activists, and invites inter-disciplinary approaches to the study of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in Latin America. As Latin America is now lauded for its rapid advance in this area, one aim of the conference is to establish the contribution of scholarship on the global south to discourses emerging from the global north. To what lengths are these processes challenging or reinforcing hegemonic discourses?

Raewyn Connell (2015) has highlighted the importance of feminism emerging from the global south, and the challenges that southern activism presents to the established norms that have historically emanated from the north. With the global south simultaneously seen as the leading light in SOGI rights (in Latin America) (Corrales, 2015), and the locus of international backlash (in Africa and the Caribbean) (Wintemute, 2017), to what extent can Latin American initiatives present a model for advance in other areas of the southern hemisphere? What legal, political and activist discourses and practices emerge from the Latin American contexts that suggest a break with conventional northern thinking? With these questions at the centre of it, the conference presents an important forum to discuss this emerging and influential area of Latin American studies' scholarship.

Organisers of the conference Dr Penny Miles, University of Bath, and Dr Carmen SepĂșlveda, The University of Manchester, invite abstracts on:

  • SOGI social movement activism
  • political Institutions and SOGI rights
  • contesting SOGI rights judicially
  • theorising SOGI rights in a Latin American context
  • SOGI rights in the Caribbean

Please send abstracts to Dr Penny Miles,, by 30 June 2018.

Alternatively, if you are interested in presenting but you are unsure if your research fits the profile, please still get in touch with Dr Penny Miles.

We intend to collate papers from the conference for a special issue of a journal such as Latin American Perspectives or similar.