University of Bath

Shedding a light on functional molecules and materials

During this inaugural lecture, Professor Sofia Pascu from the Department of Chemistry will talk about her research in functional molecules and materials.

18 Apr 20184.30pm
18 Apr 20185.30pm
Professor Sofia Pascu research image
The theme of the talk is design and environment interactions in the interest of metals in imaging, sensing and sustainable technologies applications

Professor Sofia Pascu and her research group specialise in the design and synthesis of molecules, materials and nanomaterials for molecular imaging applications in living cancer cells. There is a particular focus on functional carbon nanomaterials, supramolecular chemistry, nanomedicine and sustainable healthcare technologies.

During the lecture, Sofia will talk about past and recent work carried out over two decades as well as highlight key research milestones. From her work on fundamental main group chemistry in arsenic organometallic chemistry in the 1990’s, to applications of new molecules in medicine and nanomedicine at the start of her independent career in 2005.

She will talk about some of her research highlights including the synchrotron X-ray diffraction molecular structures of beautiful assemblies of fullerenes and porphyrins. This led to functional materials with interesting optoelectronic properties characterised by fluorescence quenching and charge transfer interactions, of relevance for sustainable chemistry applications and molecular imaging applications.

Sofia will also show some interesting new molecules and nanomaterials which signpost her quest to significantly improve the rational design of new functional donor–acceptor supramolecular materials. This has potential applications towards new functional materials of relevance to photovoltaic devices design and construction as building blocks towards life sciences applications, for example in targeting living cancer cells.