University of Bath

The big death talk

Do you have a question about death, dying or bereavement but don't know how to ask? Hear professionals talk about their jobs and dispel myths at this event.

10 Apr 20186.15pm
10 Apr 20187.30pm

It's not always easy to know how to talk about dying. Awkwardness, embarrassment and fear means we tend to shy away from connecting with those who are dying or those who are grieving. But when we don’t talk about what matters it can increase feelings of isolation, loneliness and distress.

This open session invites you to come along with all the questions you have about the realities of dying, the complexities of grieving, and how these things can affect you, your family and friends.

A number of professionals will be on hand to talk to you about their jobs, dispel some myths, and provide food for thought. We invite you to come along and ask us anything.

You can also submit a question in advance when booking, or by emailing

Professionals attending

Taking part

Attendance is free and there will be a cash bar. You do not need to bring your printed ticket.

This event is organised by the Students' Union, University of Bath, and the Centre for Death & Society (CDAS).