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The EBCA 5 Conference 2022

The fifth workshop on Behavioural and Cognitive Approaches in Entrepreneurship (EBCA5), hosted by the University of Bath School of Management.

  • 6 Oct 2022, 9.00am to 7 Oct 2022, 5.00pm BST (GMT +01:00)
  • The School of Management, University of Bath
  • This event is free
Views of Bath from Beechen Cliff.
The city of Bath.

Please see the conference schedule below.

Day 1 - Thursday 6 October 2022

Session 1

Mingfeng Tang

  • The effect of Triple-Helix organizations on supporting ethnic minority entrepreneurship: Evidence from an area inhabited by ethnic minorities
  • Zoom: 9am

Mingfeng Tang, Xiaomeng Liu, Hao Huang, Yuan Zhang

  • The impact of perceived entrepreneurial institutional environment on entrepreneurial persistence in the context of a poorest area - Fugong county, Yunnan province
  • Zoom: 9:30am

Abdulmohsen Alosaimi

  • CEO overconfidence and time preference: Empirical evidence from the Saudi stock market
  • Zoom: 10am

Session 2

James Kinsella, Richard Fairchild

  • Persuasive Advertising, and the Interaction Between Investors and Consumers, in a Hotelling Spatial Competition Model.
  • Zoom: 11am

Anais Hamelin, Guillaume Thevenet

  • The effect of financial literacy on entrepreneurial intention. An empirical study on French students
  • Zoom: 11:30am

Hayet Saadaoui

  • Entrepreneur narcissism and unethical behavior
  • Zoom: 12pm

Session 3

Jonathan Labbe

  • Innovation financing and corporate financial performance - a similar path for public and private venture capital ?
  • Zoom: 1:30pm

Amir Khorasgani, Yilmaz Guney

  • Survival of the fittest: what factors determine the disadvantaged start-ups performance during economic downturns?
  • Zoom: 2pm

Marc Cowling, Weixi Liu

  • Conforming to gender stereotypes and entrepreneurs financing outcomes: Banks don’t like overconfident women but expect it from men
  • In Person: 2:30pm

Session 4

Ben Tucker, Plane Industries

  • The Challenges, Opportunities and Emotions Involved in Being a Young Start-up Entrepreneur
  • In Person interactive Q and A: 3:30pm – 5pm

Day 2 - Friday 7 October 2022

Session 1

John Fry

  • Novel Application of Speculative Bubbles: Entrepreneurship
  • Zoom: 9am

Beatrice Boulu Reshef, Nina Rapoport

  • Voluntary contributions in cascades: The tragedy of ill-informed leadership
  • In person: 9:30am

Yuhao Li

  • Overconfidence, Reciprocity and Project Entrapment in Team: A Game-Theoretical Model
  • In Person: 10am

Session 2

Richard Fairchild

  • Social Investing, Mind-sets and Nudges
  • In Person: 11am

Chiara Andreoli, Richard Fairchild, Paolo Taticchi

  • Social Impact Measurement and Management: a theory of multi-stakeholders decision-making process in Impact Investing projects
  • Zoom: 11:30am

Swagatam Sinha, Jerome Hergueux, Gabriel Smagghue

  • How Leadership drives Performance: Evidence from Virtual Teams
  • Zoom: 12pm

Session 3

Béatrice Boulu-Reshef, Graciela Kuechle

  • Pre-emptive signaling and the emergence of trust in entrepreneurial investments
  • In person: 1:30pm

Theodore Nwankwo

  • Entrepreneurial Finance Models for Born-global Firms in Nigeria
  • Zoom: 2pm

John Lewis

  • Naïve entrepreneurs, their venture capital investors and low fund returns
  • Zoom: 2:30pm

Session 4

Chiara Andreoli and Richard Fairchild

  • Round-table Discussion: Social Impact for Investors, Managers and Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities
  • In person/Zoom: 3:30pm – 5pm

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This event takes place on campus.

The School of Management University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY United Kingdom

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If you have any questions, or need more advice about the conference, please contact Richard Fairchild or the Research Office.