University of Bath

The invaluable value of water

In his inaugural lecture, Professor Jan Hofman will talk about the value of water for society and on water security for next generations.

26 Apr 20186.15pm
26 Apr 20187.00pm

Access to safe and clean water is an important cornerstone for society. Without water, a society cannot exist and therefore water has a very large value. Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. However, in the developed world, water is readily available at the tap and is extremely cheap: we pay less than a penny per litre. A price that hardly reflects the true value of water. The true value of water becomes clear when we consider its availability, its role in nature and the environment, in food production, in manufacturing, and even when we consider its beauty at a molecular level.

During his inaugural lecture, Prof. Jan Hofman will talk about the beauty and true value of water. He will show the role and availability of water in a global perspective. There are grand challenges from population growth, urbanisation and climate change for water, everywhere in the world. Water scarcity and increasing pollution are of growing concern. Sustainable solutions require radical innovations and paradigm shifts in the way we use water. In the presentation, Jan will show his vision on water security and the role of technology and nature can have in creating solutions that provide sufficient water for all purposes.