University of Bath

The Mechanical Aspects of Ecology

Hosted by WEIR, Dr Mehdi Cherif from the Department of Ecology & Environmental Science at Umeå University gives a lecture on the mechanical aspects of ecology.

19 Jul 20182.15pm
19 Jul 20183.05pm

Ecological interactions do not happen in a vacuum but take place on a very tangible, physical stage. This is acknowledged by field ecologists, who ponder daily about the effects of the physical dimensions of the habitat on their study organisms. Biophysical studies of single organisms also have a long and rich tradition in aquatic ecology but global effects of physical factors on ecological interactions have rarely been considered in their own rights.

As a result, ecological interaction networks, including food webs, have been abstracted from the physical medium in which the interacting organisms struggle for life. Here, Dr Cherif will present some recent theoretical investigations that aim to uncover the effects of classical mechanical forces on trophic interactions in aquatic habitats.