University of Bath

The role of language in English medium instruction

In this seminar, Professor Ernesto Macaro from the University of Oxford will discuss the role that language plays in English medium instruction.

13 Feb 20192.15pm
13 Feb 20193.30pm

The importance of input and interaction, and the language therein, has not only been demonstrated in the field of applied linguistics but also in the field of education although, as yet, the two fields have rarely talked to each other. That they should engage in a theoretical and empirical dialogue is probably nowhere more evident than in the context of English medium instruction (EMI) in higher education.

In this presentation, Professor Ernesto Macaro will touch on:

  • the role of vocabulary knowledge in comprehension
  • the explanation of difficult concepts
  • the advantages and disadvantages of codeswitching
  • the kinds of competencies that EMI teachers are likely to need
  • the potential for collaboration between content teachers and English language specialists

Examples from mathematics and science education will be used to illustrate some of these issues.