University of Bath

Thinking positively about a PhD

This seminar will address the highs and lows of studying for a PhD as well as experiences and lessons learned.

21 Mar 20191.15pm
21 Mar 20192.15pm
Pile of books with someone behind them
Studying a PhD can be hugely rewarding as well as challenging

Studying for a PhD can undoubtedly be difficult, and many candidates feel isolated, overwhelmed or experience mental health difficulties at some point during their studies. But doing a PhD can also be tremendously rewarding, exciting and career-making.

In this presentation, three members of staff from the Department of Social & Policy Sciences will talk about their own experiences of studying for a doctorate, some of the positive aspects and outcomes of doing a PhD, and how even difficulties with a supervisor can be turned into a positive, rewarding experience.

The session will include plenty of time for questions and discussion.