University of Bath

Two in Search of a Solo: Creative Research in Interaction Design and Dance

Part of the Minerva Series of Lectures

16 May 20185.15pm
16 May 20186.15pm
A robot
A robot

Some questions are difficult for science to answer alone. How does it really feel to be human in the company of other people? How does a person embody their feelings anyway in their actions, their skin, their clothes? Their phones?

As a scientist, Dr Leon Watts has been asking questions like this to found better relationships between people and embodied interactive technologies, including simple functional robots. As a choreographer, Jean Abreu is an artist intrigued by the possibilities offered by interactive technologies for dance. Jean’s work address human cultural identity and migration as transformative cycles of loss, letting go and self-reconstruction.

Dr Watts will consider how the scientist and the artist have managed to find commonality of interest, how their respective modes of research have framed their conversations, and the role played by Michele Panegrossi’s Macheba robot in this process. Jean Abreu will be performing his piece ‘Solo for Two’ in The Edge on Wednesday 16th of May and Thursday 17th of May. Tickets can be purchased from The Edge box office