University of Bath

Using DIGIMAP: Ordnance Survey maps and data

Learn how to access and draw maps to to different scales sing the DIGIMAP software package

9 Apr 201910.15am
9 Apr 201912.05pm

About the workshop

Digimap is the British Ordnance Survey's digital mapping service. Through Digimap you can access and draw maps to different scales, and download mapping data to reuse in other software packages. This session will be an introduction to the different functions and services available from Digimap.

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will:

  • be registered with and know how to access Digimap from any location
  • understand the different mapping functions available from Digimap
  • be able to produce, save and print a 'local' map from Digimap
  • know where to go for further advice and information on the service