University of Bath

Where Next for UK Aid?

Listen to Amy Dodd and Richard Darlington discuss the future of UK aid under the shadow of Brexit.

8 Mar 20192.15pm
8 Mar 20193.30pm
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What are the future prospects for British development assistance? Should charity begin at home?

A University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Centre for Development Studies seminar.

Under the shadow of Brexit the UK’s role in the international aid system is being recast: more weight to national interests and global goals, less to helping the poorest; more emphasis on blending aid with private finance, and more debate over how to define official development assistance (ODA); continued allocation of 0.7% of UK national income to ODA, but with the Department for International Development (DFID) receiving a sharply falling share.

Public and professional perceptions of aid allocation and impact are further apart than ever, and the politics of Brexit is reshaping UK and EU aid relations.

Meanwhile climate change, migration, rising powers, resurgent populism, new conflicts and old continue to demand global responses. There is much to discuss.