University of Bath

Writing with integrity workshop

In this workshop, you will learn about publishing strategies for doctoral students and early career researchers in the neoliberal university.

22 Nov 20181.15pm
22 Nov 20183.15pm

Please join us for a workshop with Dr Sarah Amsler, University of Nottingham, and Dr Ana C Dinerstein, University of Bath, on scholarly writing in the neoliberal university.

The workshop is based on a British Academy sponsored Writing Workshop run in Mexico, September 2018.

In this workshop, you will explore and learn about:

  • the global power dynamics of systems for scholarly writing and publication -the challenges of writing within and beyond the scientific world system
  • strategies for communicating and publishing our ideas across borders, mainly academic-non-academic and Global North and South

You will also explore these questions:

  • How do we position ourselves in relation to dominant structures and cultures of knowledge production?
  • How can we stay true to, and communicate, the principles of critical theories and methodologies when publishing in our academic and socio political contexts?
  • How do we recognise and expand our resources of hope in our writing within these environments?
  • How do we communicate new ideas at and across epistemological and geographic borders?

This workshop is part of the Bristol-Bath Standing Seminar in Critical Theory series sponsored by the South West Doctoral Training Partnership.