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University of Bath

2020-21 The BeCreative Scholarship

This new scholarships will allow applicants to be part of a bespoke programme engaging with creative skills opportunities.

About the Scholarship

In celebration of The Edge’s 5th Anniversary the Office of The Arts are delighted to launch five new income-related scholarships for the 2020/2021 academic year. This new scholarship programme will contribute to the existing Arts Excellence scholarship and Tuition Award offer but will enable a greater diversity of eligible candidates for the whole creative scholarship scheme.

The new scholarships will allow applicants to be part of a bespoke programme engaging with creative skills opportunities, focussed on subjects such as creative thinking, problem-solving, presentation skills etc., contributing to the scholar’s academic success as well as their creative mindset. Scholars will also be supported to engage with a creative practice of their preference (such as music tuition, dance classes etc.) ensuring they have the opportunity to engage and develop their individual arts practice.

The BeCreative Scholarship will be available to university applicants who meet the University of Bath income-related scholarship criteria and demonstrate a passion or interest in the arts/creativity. Particular preference will be given to applicants from a BAME heritage.

Applicant criteria includes: • eligible Home UK* undergraduate student • be registered on a full-time campus-based undergraduate honours degree course commencing in 2020 • not already hold an honours degree (or equivalent) • have a household income of £42,875 or below • can demonstrate a passion or interest in the arts/creativity

Applications for the BeCreative Scholarship will open in May 2020 with a deadline of 2nd September 2020. An awarding panel will select five scholars from application.

Successful scholars will receive: • Five scholars will receive £3,000 per year, with the opportunity to apply for up to 3 years. • They will be expected to attend monthly creative events/activities/workshops, engaging in the creative community at The Edge and acting as an ambassador for student engagement. • Scholars will be expected to use their scholarship award to engage with a creative practice such as music tuition, dance, visual arts classes etc. • The Office of the Arts will support and encourage scholars to engage with Arts Excellence Scholars and the Edge Arts Community, finding opportunities to collaborate, skills share and socialise.

The first year of the BeCreative Scholarship will be funded by Dorothy Walters-Godfree generous legacy donation with the ambition to seek further donations enabling future years of the scholarship.