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Academic probation: frequently asked questions

Read our frequently asked questions on academic probation.

Using this page

The list below provides answers to some queries we are frequently asked but it is not an exhaustive list.

If your query hasn’t been answered below or you require more information we would encourage you to read our detailed academic probation guide page and/or the Career Progression in the Education & Research Job Family Framework document.

Probation arrangements

How are my probation review dates decided?

Your review dates are calculated using:

  • your position start date
  • contract type
  • Academic Staff Committee meeting dates

All reviews must take place within the three or one year period (dependent on your contract type) which is why all reviews are not exactly 12 or six months in between.

How can I find out my when my probation reviews are taking place?

Your review dates will have been originally communicated to you in your welcome email sent by the Academic Career Progression Team within your first month of starting.

Your review dates are listed on your Probationer Details (or home screen) in the Career Progression Portal (CPP).

Reporting and assessing progress

Who reviews my progress?

Progress will be assessed by Academic Staff Committee with comments and recommendations provided by your Head of Department/Division (or Reviewer for some Departments) and Dean of Faculty/School.

How will my progress be assessed?

When you start, you will agree a set of probationary objectives with your Head of Department/Division/Reviewer and Dean of Faculty/School.

Your progress against these objectives will be assessed using the criteria for passing probation found within the Career Progression in the Education & Research Framework document.

How do I report on my progress?

You should report on your progress against your objectives within the Probation Progress Report section of the Career Progression Portal (CPP). Detailed guidance on how to do this can be found on our CPP guide page

Exceptional circumstances

Can I finish probation early?

You are required to report on progress against objectives at each review and therefore are unable to have probation confirmed as complete before your end of probation date. However, in exceptional circumstances there are processes available to apply for exemption from probation or to be promoted out of probation should you meet the necessary criteria.

Read the exemption from probation request form for guidance on the criteria to meet and how to submit a request. Requests must be made initially to the Academic Staff Development Team

Read our academic promotion pages to find out more about the criteria and process for applying.

I am on a part-time contract, how is this taken into account at my probation review?

For those on part-time contracts, at each review ASC will take into consideration your FTE (full time equivalent) to make reasonable adjustments when assessing progress.

ASC understand that the quantity maybe be reduced compared to what is expected from a full time role, but the quality will still be at the same level.

What happens to my probation if I go on long term sick or parental leave?

If you are on long term sick leave or are about to take maternity leave, your Head of Department/Division should inform the Learning & Organisational Development Advisor via so that your probation can be put on hold for the duration of your leave and your remaining review dates and end of probation date revised when you return.

The Learning & Organisational Development Advisor will formally write to you letting you know this and when informed of your return date, will write to you again with the revised probation arrangements.


If you have any questions, please contact us.