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Apply for reimbursement of your interview expenses

Understand how you can apply for the reimbursement of your interview expenses.

Guidelines on interview expenses

As an organisation within the not for profit sector, we have a duty to ensure we control expenditure and manage expenses appropriately.

The University appreciates that attending interviews may incur a cost to the candidate and aims to off-set this by making provision for the payment of some interview expenses. We request that all candidates find the least expensive form of transport and only claim necessary and reasonable expenses.

To reduce the University's carbon footprint, the use of public transport is encouraged where this is a viable option to car travel. Video conferencing may also be used to minimise the need for travel.

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for the authorisation of all interview expenses and we reserve the right to decline any expenses deemed to be unreasonable or that are not supported by original receipts.

Academic posts or post paid above Grade 8

The Department of Human Resources will reimburse travel expenses, subject to these guidelines.

Vacancies up to and including Grade 7

For vacancies up to and including Grade 7, shortlisted candidates residing outside of the UK will normally be interviewed via telephone or video.

Where a recruiting department wishes to call a candidate to attend an interview in the University, it must be authorised by the Dean/Director of Professional Services and approved by Human Resources before the candidate is invited to interview. In such cases the recruiting department will reimburse travel expenses incurred outside the UK.

Making a claim

Expenses can be claimed through the Department of Human Resources by completing the Interview Expense Claim Form.

Claim forms must normally be received within one month of the interview date and include all receipts. Bank or credit card statements are not acceptable to the University or the Inland Revenue. Claims will not be considered for anyone travelling within a 30 mile radius of the University.

Appropriate claims

Rail/Coach/Bus Cost of standard class fares only
Car travel Candidates may claim 25p per mile
Air travel We will reimburse economic flights (e.g. use budget airlines where possible and reasonable). Same-day return flights should be used to minimise the need for overnight stays. Candidates should seek prior authorisation for any flights over £400. If authorisation is not obtained the claim will be at risk.
Overnight Accommodation If overnight accommodation is reasonable and necessary, the Human Resources Administrator will book one of the approved options either on campus or in the city as detailed below:
Accommodation Options Campus: If possible we will arrange accommodation on campus, which has the advantage of allowing candidates to familiarise themselves with our campus and also to be close to the interview. The campus is located 2km from the city centre and easily accessible via a regular bus service. City of Bath: We can also arrange accommodation at a hotel located centrally in the city. Whilst these are the available options, if you would prefer an alternative, you may select and book your own accommodation and upon receipt of your claim we will reimburse the equivalent of our standard option.
Food & Drink Candidates may claim up to £15 for an evening meal if you are staying overnight as agreed above (alcoholic drinks are not applicable).
Transport from Bristol Airport The approved method is to take the coach from Bristol Airport to Bristol Temple Meads and then a train to Bath Spa station. The journey time is 65 minutes and there is then a bus service from the station to the University.

Inappropriate claims

Taxi Fares We will only pay for taxi fares where bus, rail or coach travel is not practical and / or cheaper. (Subject to the Bristol Airport Guidelines above)
Overnight Stays We will not pay for any unnecessary overnight stays.
Friends & Family We will not reimburse any expenses incurred through accompanying friends or family (e.g. childcare, accommodation). (Subject to the accommodation options detailed above)
Hire cars We will not pay for hire cars.

If you are unsure about any of these guidelines, contact Human Resources before you incur any expenses.