University of Bath

Applying for student accommodation

What you need to know before you apply for student accommodation at the University of Bath.

Check you are eligible to apply for student accommodation

University managed accommodation

You can apply for University managed accommodation if you have a firm offer from us and any of these are true:

  • you will be starting your first year studying a full-time undergraduate course and applying for our accommodation for the first time
  • you will be studying a full-time Foundation Degree in Sports Performance (C601)
  • you will be a new MA Contemporary European Studies (Euromasters) student
  • you will be a new overseas, fee-paying postgraduate
  • you have specific medical conditions or disabilities
  • you are leaving care provided by the State or other organisations
  • you have been estranged from your parents for a long period of time
  • you are an exchange or visiting student nominated for student accommodation by the International Mobility team
  • you are a summer pre-sessional English student with a conditional or combined offer of admission

Privately managed accommodation

You can apply for Hello Student managed rooms through our student accommodation team. You must have a firm offer from us and you must also be:

  • a new overseas, fee-paying postgraduate
  • a new UK and EU fee-paying postgraduate

If you're a UK or EU postgraduate student, you can apply for rooms in the Hello Student managed locations, but we cannot guarantee you accommodation.

You will be placed on a waiting list and we'll let you know if your application has been successful.

Finding a guarantor

If you live in Hello Student accommodation you must have a UK based guarantor. This is someone who will be responsible for paying your rent if you fall into debt whilst living here.

Your guarantor must live and work in the UK on a permanent basis. If you cannot provide a guarantor you can choose from two other options:

  • use a guarantor service like YourGuarantor
  • pay the full rental fee up front at the start of the contract

Make sure you read the policies, procedures, terms and conditions for Hello Student Accommodation carefully before you apply.

When to apply

You must register on our accommodation system to apply.

Undergraduate student applications

Applications open 8 May.

The deadline for guaranteed accommodation is 1 July.

Postgraduate student applications

Applications open 6 March.

The deadline for guaranteed accommodation is 17 June.

You can still apply after this date but we cannot guarantee you accommodation. The final deadline to apply is 1 July 2019.

If you missed the deadline

The deadline to submit your application for University accommodation is 1 July. After this date, you cannot apply until applications open again on 21 August. You will then be added to a non-guaranteed waiting list.

Insurance offers and places through Clearing

If you hold an insurance offer or apply for accommodation through Clearing, we will email you about your accommodation options. You will be able to apply for accommodation from 21 August.

While we can't guarantee you a room, we will do our best to place you in University accommodation. You are likely to be placed in one of our accommodation buildings in the city centre.

If we are unable to house you in University accommodation, we can help you find accommodation in the private sector.

Pre-sessional English student applications

You can apply for accommodation from 6 March to 1 July. When you apply for your pre-sessional accommodation, you will also need to apply for your undergraduate or postgraduate accommodation.

Erasmus+, exchange and visiting students applications

You can apply for accommodation between 6 March and 1 July.

We can only offer a limited number of Erasmus+, exchange and visiting students a place in University accommodation.

The International Mobility team will tell you if you are eligible for accommodation when you apply.

Applying for accommodation outside the standard semester dates

Contact The Student Accommodation team to check the availability of University accommodation if you are coming to Bath outside our normal semester dates.

How to apply

You need to register and then apply for accommodation.


Once you have a conditional or unconditional firm offer from the University, you can register to use the accommodation application portal.

It can take up to 48 hours to access our registration system, after you confirm with UCAS that we are your firm choice.

If you register at the same time as applying, it can take up to an hour before you'll be able to log in and make your application.

Undergraduate students can apply for accommodation between 9 May and 1 July.

Postgraduate students can apply for accommodation between 6 March and 1 July.

As part of your application, you pick a required number of accommodation preferences you would like to live in, such as en-suite, standard or shared. You will need to rank them in your order of preference from highest to lowest.

For room types with a price range, you need to include a maximum weekly budget in the notes section at the end of your application. This is so we do not allocate you a room that is beyond your budget.

Some of our first year undergraduate accommodation is located in the city centre, so you may not end up living on campus.

The majority of postgraduate accommodation is located in the city centre.

We also cannot guarantee that we will be able to place you in your highest ranked room types.

Read about how we allocate accommodation to applicants.

If you have a disability or a diagnosed medical condition you need to complete the additional requirements accommodation application form.

Accommodation prices

Finding accommodation in the private sector

Student accommodation is also available in the private sector.

Privately managed student accommodation blocks and complexes

Some of the student accommodation in the city is owned and managed by Hello Student.

This includes:

The application process for this accommodation is the same as University of Bath managed accommodation blocks and complexes. Your application must be submitted through us. Hello Student will communicate with you after your application has been received.

Student accommodation with private landlords

If you don't want to live in an accommodation block or complex, you can rent houses and flats from private landlords.

We recommend that you use the student accommodation site Studentpad to search for houses, flats and rooms.

We have teamed up with them to create a list of accommodation owned by private landlords in and around Bath.