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Assessing your digital skills using the Jisc discovery tool

If you're a member of staff or a student, find out how you can use the Jisc discovery tool and use your results to improve your digital skills.

The discovery tool

If you're a member of staff, you should reflect on your digital skills and develop them to help you engage and thrive in a digital world.

You can use the Jisc discovery tool to assess your digital skills and identify your strengths and areas for development. The tool uses the Jisc digital capability framework to describe the digital skills needed by staff from a wide range of academic, administrative, and professional roles.

After you complete a short survey, you'll receive a report with personalised next steps and links to free resources to support your development. The report is completely anonymous and you can't be identified from the data you provide.

We're piloting the discovery tool during the 2020/21 academic year. It's free for all University staff and students when you sign in with your University username and password.

Using the discovery tool

When you log in to the discovery tool, click on 'Explore your overall digital capabilities' to find the main set of questions.

Click 'Question bank', in the left-hand menu, for questions about:

  • accessibility and inclusion
  • teaching in HE
  • library work

You can complete these questions too if they're appropriate for your role.

Watch our video about using the discovery tool. Log in with your University username and password to see the video.

Using your results

After you use the discovery tool:

  1. Read your report and think about your areas of strength and areas for development.
  2. Access the free resources within the discovery tool to begin to working on areas identified in the report.
  3. Discuss your results informally with colleagues or your line manager to decide if are there areas that need support from others across your department, faculty, or school.
  4. Discuss with your line manager whether you could seek further training opportunities.

You should retake the discovery tool survey in a few months and compare the results. Look out for more information from the Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT) about enhancing your digital skills.

Find out more about digital skills

You can find out more about digital skills on the CLT Hub.