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Baby feeding room on campus

Find out about the baby feeding facilities on campus.

Baby room on campus
Baby room on campus

The University campus is breastfeeding friendly, but we recognise that sometimes parents may prefer a quieter space to feed (by bottle or breast) or express.

To support parents the University, in additional to our baby changing facilities, has a dedicated baby feeding room on campus. All students and staff members can request access to use these facilities. This also highlights our commitment with The SU to provide spaces, services and facilities for the needs of our student body as stated in their Top 10 Issues.

Where is the room

The baby feeding room is located a short walk from the centre of campus in Cotswold House and benefits from washroom facilities, comfortable chair for feeding and space for baby changing. The room is situated away from the busyness of campus to provide a quiet space for you and your child.

How do I access it

If you would like to use the facilities, please contact Student Support who will be able to grant access using your library card and provide directions to the room. Once access has been granted you will be able to gain entry to the room as you need it.

Request access to our baby feeding facilities

Contact Student Support