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Bath Scheme Advocates

Advocates write supporting statements for applicants submitting their claims for Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow through the Bath Scheme.

Role and responsibilities

As Bath Scheme Advocate you need to:

  • choose the appropriate template
  • check the guidelines
  • verify what the applicant has written and add comments based on your knowledge of their work and on how they meet the criteria for the Descriptors they are making a claim against
  • provide practical examples to support the comments made where possible and include reference to innovative practice, contributions at departmental/faculty or institutional level and any national initiatives in which the applicant has been involved

Bath Scheme applicants need to:

  • ensure you meet the criteria for being an Advocate
  • provide you with the Advocate template and guidance
  • have a conversation with you about their application
  • provide you with a copy of their written application
  • collect your signed supporting statements as the applicant will need to submit them at the same time as their application form

You may be contacted by the assessors concerning the supporting statement you have provided.