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University of Bath

Be Mindful

Live in the moment & take notice of the things around you. Understand yourself through your experiences, respond well to situations, be calmer & perform better.

Concerns about mental health

If you are worried about yourself or a friend there are a number of places that you can seek support. The University have a wellbeing service who are available to talk about any worries you may have either by appointment or during one of their drop-in times. We also run a confidential counselling and mental health service who are available to support you with any emotional difficulties you may be experiencing.

If you would like someone to talk to out of hours Nightline is a student-run service offering listening, support and practical information at the University. It opens every night from 8pm to 8am during term times.

Mind the mental health charity have some great resources on how to look after your mental health as a student and also the types of mental health problems people may experience.

Dealing with stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are often confused, anxiety tends to be the feeling we get when we are afraid or worried whereas stress might be a specific situation or event that puts pressure on us. They can share a number of emotional and physical symptoms from headaches and being irritable to tiredness and difficulty to make decisions.

Mind have comprehensive guides on stress and anxiety including what there are and how you can deal with it.

Exams always tend to be a more stressful time for students but some good habits can help you manage this. Eating well, exercising and taking regular breaks can all help manage exam stress. Student Minds have a short exam stress guide and Mind have collected some of the best ways to beat exam stress from students.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being aware of the present and what is going on both inside and outside ourselves. This can help us become more aware and deal better with situations. Mindfulness can help to manage stress better, improve general health and physical health. Mind explains what mindfulness is, how it can help and how you can start to practice it.

You can practice mindfulness anywhere and can find sessions online or through apps to guide you, Frantic World have some free meditations for mindfulness you can use at home.

Read Well

Read Well is run jointly by Student Services and the Library and offers books and online resources to support your wellbeing. There are over 50 texts in the collection on a wide range of subjects.

All the books are available from the Library through a dedicated Read Well Library list.

Try an App

Apps to support wellbeing are becoming increasing popular and can support all aspects of health from diet and activity trackers to apps to guide you through mindfulness exercises. Mind has a comprehensive list of apps that can support your mental health wellbeing.