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University of Bath

Campus Visits for Schools and Colleges

On a Campus Visit, students get to explore our university for a day, look around all the facilities and to meet and work with current students.

A group of school students and their teacher outside the library during a Campus Visit hosted by a Student Ambassador
School students and their teacher on a Campus Visit with a Student Ambassador

Bring your students to a Campus Visit

Students get the chance to explore the University campus, experience the teaching environment and learn about higher education.

Campus Visits are for students in Year 10 and up.

The visit may include a tour of:

  • the Library
  • the Sports Training Village
  • our arts centre, The Edge
  • general teaching areas
  • laboratories
  • lecture theatres

Format of the day

A typical day runs for 3-4 hours and could include:

  • welcome
  • higher education quiz
  • a tour of the campus
  • interview a university student
  • lunch
  • talks on the following topics - why go to university - choosing and applying - transition to HE - personal statements - why Bath (Uni of Bath specific)

Students will need to bring their own packed lunch.

Book your visit

During the day, your group will be based in one of our rooms on campus. We aim to book the visit on your preferred date, but if this isn't possible we will let you know. We will confirm any bookings with you.

Here is our travel advice.