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University of Bath

Can I come onto campus to work?

Guidance for University staff on what you should do if you want to come onto campus.

Returning to campus

The University is currently planning to welcome students and larger numbers of staff back to campus in September.

We are following Government guidance to ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place. Work on campus will include erecting new signage, establishing pedestrian routes around Parade, identifying circulation routes around individual buildings and setting up hand sanitiser dispensers at entrances.

Until campus is ready to accommodate higher densities of people, all activity returning to campus has to be approved.

For your and others’ safety, you should not enter campus buildings without authorisation.

There are two approval routes, one for essential visits to campus and one for restarting activities on an ongoing or fixed term basis.

If you, or a member of your household, develop symptoms of Covid-19, you must strictly follow the Government’s isolation procedures and not come to campus. You should advise your line manager as soon as is possible of any test outcome.

Essential visits to campus

If you are a member of staff within a faculty or the School of Management, or a student needing to come to campus for an essential purpose, then you must gain written permission from your Dean or Head of Department.

If you are member of professional services, then you should seek authorisation from your Director of Professional Service.

If you wish to collect equipment or belongings, please see the guidance on collecting items from University buildings.

It is no longer necessary to report to the Security Desk in the Library both to sign in and sign out. You should ask for agreement from your Dean, Head of Department or Director of Professional Service authorising your visit, prior to attending, and ensure that you have your University ID with you at all times when attending campus.

Ongoing or fixed term return to campus

Currently, all activities coming back to campus on an ongoing or fixed-term basis are subject to approval by the Summer Priority Restarts Group.

Before approval is given, a risk assessment has to be undertaken and normally an operation plan is also developed.

These should be shared with you, so you know what is expected of you in terms of social distancing and use of work and social areas.

Due to reductions in the carrying capacity of campus under social distancing rules, you may only be authorised to return to campus as part of a rota involving other colleagues.

If you have been approved to return to campus to work

Before you return to campus:

  • Discuss any questions and concerns with your line manager.

  • Make your line manager aware of any personal circumstances that affect your ability to return to campus, for example if you have an underlying health condition; are from parts of the population disproportionately affected by Covid-19 such as members of the BAME community or are over the age of 70; are pregnant; have a close family member you live with or have caring responsibilities for who is any of the above; or have childcare responsibilities due to the closure of school or nursery.

  • Read the risk assessment and any mitigating measures in place, for example staggered shift patterns. Risk assessments are being completed for each activity and will be reviewed as national advice changes. If a requirement for Protective Personal Equipment is identified this will be provided, however for the majority of activity this is not necessary.

  • Work together with your colleagues to plan your return.

When you return to campus:

Following your return to campus:

  • Once you are back working on campus, check in with your colleagues and line manager regularly and if you have any questions or concerns, raise them with your line manager.

  • Further advice is also available from Human Resources or Safety Health and Employee Wellbeing.