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Careers Service information for employers attending our virtual fair

Please note this page is yet to be updated for employers attending our Autumn Virtual Fair October 2021.

Important: Please note this page is yet to be updated for employers attending our Autumn Virtual Fair October 2021.

Initial information

We will be sending the initial information upload to open the App to students in the week commencing 7 September. Please ensure you have completed and are happy with the content in the App Entry Publicity Text section on the booking form, and have included Testimonial if desired.

Registering on the app

The first step is to register for the fair and set you up with a company profile, and add your schedules (a list/s of all your appointments and representatives). Without a profile or schedules, you cannot accept appointments or see students’ details. You will receive this directly from Career Fair Plus w/c 14th September. You will need to assign some time to this to think about how you wish to manage your day. Provide as much information as possible in your company profile and virtual fair schedules so that students know exactly what you are recruiting for. We recommend you add no more than 3 representatives initially – if your appointments fill up you can always add more reps. See Employer Instructions for Virtual Fairs.

It’s also critical to understand that signing up for a schedule at the fair is a commitment to communicate to all students who sign up, just as if they were visiting the stand at a face-to-face fair. Student appointments will be available to book in advance as well as on the day - if you have any gaps before the fair opens you will have to continuously monitor your appointments during the fair to ensure you don't miss any – please be aware of changes so don’t leave your ‘pitch’ camera empty. Instead, book the gaps as ‘not available’ if you do have to leave or schedule your own break. See Employer Account and Profile Creation.

You do not need to attend the fair all day if you are unable to, or you can split the day over more than one rep, or a mixture of both. Keep in mind the interaction is not an interview, but similar to how you would chat at a face-to-face fair. CFP default the number of schedules to be the number of reps you requested in the booking form, and appointments to 10 minutes long each, with a break at the end of each hour. You can also request a Drop-In room alongside which would be open all day 10am - 5pm – there is no alternative to this setting, but it has all the other features of the video appointments.
You will also be able to download your pre-booked appointments in advance.

Audio and video

The following advice is provided by CFP on maximising successful interactions at online Fairs.

For a virtual career fair, video conferencing gets candidates and recruiters as close to meeting in person as possible. CFP uses a simple and straightforward browser-based video solution that’s easy for users to understand.

When it comes to video interviews, please consider the following hints & tips. We will be advising our students the same:

  • Audio: If possible, use a headset for audio. If not possible, try to use headphones while using the built-in microphone on your computer/phone, as this will stop any feedback or echo from occurring.
  • Video: While audio quality is generally more important than video it still helps to have high quality video, particularly if you are presenting. You can download apps that allow your smartphone to function as a webcam. The 10 minute timeslot is up to yourself to manage - the next appointment in your schedule will knock when ready to start – it’s up to you to hold them / end the previous one and move to the next student.
  • Please test your video & audio function in advance.
  • Camera position: Ideally this should be as close to your eye level as possible.
  • Background: Consider what is visible behind you. Try to find something neutral that won’t be distracting to other people viewing your camera. If you are working at home please consider your environment.
  • Lighting: Light your face well—you can’t have too much light for most cameras. Avoid having windows behind you, as the camera will struggle, and show your face in darkness.

Exporting assessments through the app

You can make notes /assessments of students through the App on the day and once the fair has ended export this information into a spreadsheet.

Dates to be aware of

  • Week commencing 7 September - your information provided on the booking form will be uploaded to the App for the first time. CFP do this daily so changes can be made quickly. Soon after CFP will invite you to onboard with them. You then have 2 weeks to input your data and enter schedules.
  • From Thursday 17 September. You can join a 'live'webinar with CFP which is an excellent visual way of seeing the App abilities and your options for schedules & appointments. Employer on-boarding Thursday afternoons and Tuesday mornings Employer on-boarding.
  • From 28 Sept we start advertising you via the App to students & how to prepare & book.
  • 5 October- Students will be able to book appointments with you right up to and during the fair day. Prior to the fair you can access the appointments and view the students profiles in advance.
  • 14 October - You will be reminded to check your appointments listed.
  • Payment - You will need to pay the invoice raised by its due date please.


If you have any questions, please contact us.