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Careers Service information for new and returning students

If you are new to the University or returning and haven't used us before, find out what Careers does and how to access our support.

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The Careers Service can support you throughout your degree

What we do

Whatever you want to do in the future – whether your career path is clear or not – your Careers team are here to support you. We can advise you on opportunities you have right now and help you develop skills. If you are not sure what you want to do, we can help clarify your career thinking. We're focused on one thing – to empower you to pursue careers that are fulfilling and to make a living doing what you love.

We have adapted our service to make sure of flexibility and access when you need it:

  • In-person – come to our Careers Centre on campus and chat to our friendly team on the Careers Helpdesk.
  • On-demand – engage with your future on MyFuture when it suits you. You have access to a wealth of resources on demand, as well as event recordings. You can use these to develop your career-related knowledge and skills. Read our blog for more handy tips.
  • Online – If you aren't on campus, all of our appointments have remote options available.

Careers support to fit your needs

Career planning is a journey, and we understand that your needs will change as you progress. We categorise our information, resources and events across five important themes. Look out for these categories to find curated information and resources. As a Bath student or graduate, wherever you are in your career thinking we can help.


Discover is all about exploring your options and engaging in self-reflection, even if you don’t know what career you would like yet. Discover is about learning about new and existing skills and experiences and covers things like:

  • Start thinking about your career.
  • Discover your career options.
  • Graduate outcomes information.
  • Further study.
  • Explore working for yourself.
  • Networking.


Focus is all about taking your career ideas forward. It is about narrowing down your options and building experience to help you achieve your next steps.

  • Narrow down your options.
  • Find work experience.
  • Develop employability and transferable skills.
  • Attend employer events and fairs.
  • Job and work experience vacancies.


Act is all about the application and selection process. We want to make sure that you have the practical skills to help you be successful. It covers things like:

  • Understanding the job market.
  • Searching for work.
  • Applications, CVs and cover letters.
  • Interviews.
  • Psychometric tests.
  • Assessment centres.


Ready aims to give you the tools you need to be successful and fulfilled in your career. Explore your strengths and values, learn how to maintain your wellbeing and learn life-long career management skills. Your career path may be something that takes up a large part of your life. It's important that you have the skills to navigate the ups and downs of your career journey.


  • Wellbeing at work.
  • Discover your strengths, personality and values.
  • Develop workplace skills: emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership, networking and personal branding.

Specialist support

We are able to offer specialist support tailored to your situation. Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from our bespoke resources that are curated especially for specific groups, including:

  • International students.
  • Experienced hire students.
  • Postgraduate taught (Master’s) students.
  • Diversity: LGBTQ+, disability, gender and more.

Find your future on MyFuture

MyFuture is the place for all things careers!

You can:

  • Access our vacancy board to search for internships and graduate-level opportunities from employers directly targeting Bath students and graduates.
  • View our events calendar and book your place at our careers fairs, employer presentations, seminars, skills workshops and more.
  • View 1:1 support options.
  • Access online resources curated to support you at all stages of your career thinking. From figuring out what to do next to developing your skills. Getting to grips with the recruitment process or exploring self-employment. Our online workshops, videos and interactive activities, will help you identify what you want from a future career.

You can log in using your University username and password.

Access MyFuture

Part-time jobs

In the Careers Service, we specialise in graduate jobs, internships, work experience and further study options.

Part-time jobs that fit around your studies are handled by the Students' Union.

Visit SU Jobs

Stay in touch

If you need more help or want to keep updated on all things Careers, there are lots of ways to contact us and keep up to date. We send out weekly emails to keep you informed about upcoming events.

You can also:


If you have any questions, please contact us.